Circular Memory Jacket

Show off your memories with a fully sustainable jacket. Make your jacket personal by upcycling your own clothes into the interior lining.

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When I heard of the Circular Memory Jacket I was immediately interested. But I had no idea what I was getting into, or what the final jacket would look like. Then the process started, I had so much fun picking the T Shirts. After mailing them out it took no time at all to get a package delivered back to my door. Not only was I impressed with how they sewed my old shirts into the liner, I was also excited for how cool the jacket is! It is now my regular daily jacket, I love it. 

Greg Hemmings

I work in the fashion industry anyway, so I found this a fun way to be involved in what I wear. For me it is a pleasure if I can be involved in the design part of what I wear.  I care about style and would like to contribute to the sustainable fashion movement.

Marion Mckee

Co-designing the jacket involved an incredible journey full of family memories and a celebration of life!”  Although the selection of the materials to be included in the jacket coincided with my father’s illness, it caused me to reminisce not only on his rich and full life, but my own.  This jacket will forever be a souvenir of the wonder of life, and a reminder of our need to protect the planet on which we share those moments.

Patricia Bigelow

From Fast and Wasteful to Circular and Regenerative

We aren't playing. We took them up on it. Big time.

Known as the 2020 Commitment, The Global Fashion Agenda called the fashion industry to take action on sustainability and circularity by 2020. With the launch of the Dhana Circular Fashion Line, The Limited Edition Dhana Circular Memory Jacket embodies three of the four circular fashion strategies outlined by The Global Fashion Agenda: