Patricia's Journey

In a few words, how would you describe yourself? Ex: interests, current role, passions, inspiration?

I am a healthcare attorney married to a wonderful physician, and mother to 2 awesome teenagers (who says that, right?) I am passionate about humor, loyalty, and honesty, and am incredibly fortunate to be surrounded with family and friends who share my philosophies.  Other than my loved ones, my greatest inspiration comes from exploring and enjoying all nature has to offer, whether it's scuba diving, hiking, running, cycling, or just sitting outside with a good book.

Where do you live? What is it unique for?

Mill Valley, CA.  We live in such a uniquely beautiful part of the world, known for its redwoods and countless hiking trails on Mt. Tamalpais leading out to the ocean.  I feel our town is also unique for the kind, generous, open-minded, and environmentally intuned people.

Why did you invest your time, energy, resources in the Dhana Circular Memory Jacket? Please expand on what made you get involved in this product?

Our family is proud to have been involved with Dhana, Inc. since its inception nearly a decade ago!  We believe passionately about the Dhana mission of being not only environmentally conscious, but proactive in supporting sustainable fashion as a means to protecting and healing our global environment into the future:  You are what you wear!

How did you choose the 10 memory items that went into the jacket? Please share 10 stories of each item where possible.

Rutgers University:  My Alma mater!  As a transplant from the East Coast living in Northern California, I have had the privilege of experiencing the uniquely different coastlines and forests.

Cal Golden Bears:  UC Berkeley, my husband’s alma mater.  He is a fiercely proud alumni, and has shared Cal games with the family.

Hawaiian print:  My father’s favorite swimsuit.  He recently passed, but his idea of heaven was enjoying the surf at the Jersey shore, hanging out on the beach with his kids and grandkids, and telling hilarious stories at large family gatherings.

Perry’s (on Magnolia):  My mother’s married name (and my maiden name).  For her 80th birthday,  we celebrated with 16 of us wearing these shirts.

Sushi Cat:  My son’s 2 favorite things:  cats and sushi!  He got this shirt while on an awesome family trip to Hawaii, one of our favorite places on earth.

Polka Dots:  My daughter’s PJs that she wore for about 8 years.  They started out dragging on the ground, and ended up as capris.

OMS:  Old Mill School, our kids’ elementary school nestled in the redwoods.  I have wonderful memories of those formative--and highly amusing--years.

Tamalpais Hawks:  Our kids’ highschool phys ed uniform.  We are proud to have smart, funny and athletic kids!

Pirate’s Cove/Not-So-Secret Beach:  Our family’s favorite vacation in Belize, where we first scuba dived together as a family.  It really drove home how adventurous and open to new experiences our kids are.

Dhana Eco Kids:  Dhana’s line of beautiful, environmentally conscious, and sustainable fashion our whole family enjoyed since my kids were very young!

What has changed in your lifestyle and perspective of clothing as it relates to the fashion world through this process?

We were fortunate to be enlightened by Dhana's commitment to protecting the environment, fighting climate change, and supporting sustainable fashion and fair trade years ago. The Circular Memory Jacket takes our journey one step further by repurposing fabric and materials that would otherwise end up in the landfill.  Involving the customer in the creation process is brilliant--the emotional connection it creates with your clothes drives home the idea that clothes are not disposable goods.

What are you most excited about, designing and creating fashion with Dhana? 

This was such a special, original project that is both personal in the creation of the fashion, and global in its potential reach. I am VERY excited to see what Dhana will come up with in the future to further their passion for sustainable fashion.

Do you have any final thoughts - opportunities, ideas, etc.

I’m so lucky to be part of this adventure, and cannot WAIT to  see what else is in store for Dhana in the future!