Jeffrey Levin's Journey

In a few words, how would you describe yourself? Ex: interests, current role, passions, inspiration?

I am a jewelry designer and curator of art and found treasures at our store, Poet and the Bench in Mill Valley, CA. I explore and love the narrative of life. 

Where do you live? What is it unique for?

I live in Sausalito, CA just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. A beautiful part of the planet and an area where I can enjoy the stunning  nature while wearing my jacket! :)

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Why did you invest your time, energy, resources in the Dhana Circular Memory Jacket? Please expand on what made you get involved in this product? 

I had drawers of memories and over the years have thrown out many. When Shamini told me about the jacket, it was the solution I knew I needed but didn't know how to fix the need. I love wearing those memories and having the jiggle of events and moments pop up.

How did you choose the 10 memory items that went into the jacket? Please share 10 stories of each item where possible.

My tee from the Cape Epic, a 640 mile, 64,000 ft, 9 day mountain bike race in South Africa I did when I turned 50 in 2008. Yes it definitely was epic.

My late friend, David’s My Song is a Shout art piece given to me in NYC in the late 80’s that is segment through out my jacket. I was in High School with him.

My vintage Oceans Pacific tee from early days in the 90’s from Los Angeles.

My Thievery Corp tee from a concert, one of my favorite bands I first saw in San Diego in 2003.

My Goldfish tee, a South African band from their concert in San Francisco.

My Dude tee. ‘Nuff said.

A 454 Tattoo Shop tee where I did one of my pieces. Multiple pieces folded into one.

A tee with a dragon design because I was one once.

What has changed in your lifestyle and perspective of clothing as it relates to the fashion world through this process?

I have never been fast fashion kind of a person so this is a further walk down that path.

We would like to share a quote from you on the VALUE you place in Co-Designing this jacket with Dhana. Please share in your words, your experience and what this jacket means to you.

Being able to wear my memories and have them placed so respectfully by the Dhana team makes it my favorite piece of clothing.