Greg's Journey

In a few words, how would you describe yourself? Ex: interests, current role, passions, inspiration?

I am a passionate dad to three daughters, I love the outdoors, I am in love with my rivers and my ocean. I sail, surf and ski. I am a musician and filmmaker. I am the CEO of a film company called Hemmings House Pictures. 

Where do you live? What is it unique for?

Saint John New Brunswick on the East coast of Canada...we have the highest tides in the world as we are right on the Bay of Fundy. 

Social media or LinkedIn

Why did you invest your time, energy, resources in the Dhana Circular Memory Jacket? Please expand on what made you get involved in this product?

I love this idea. Sadly only 2 months before learning of the circular memory jacket we moved homes and I got read of probably 20 T Shirts that I loved… music shirts mostly. If I had waited I would have had even more relevant shirts to put into this work of art! I love the idea of keeping the legacy of clothes going even when they are too worn out to wear anymore. 

How did you choose the 10 memory items that went into the jacket? Please share 10 stories of each item where possible.

  • Grateful Dead -  Steal Your Face. I am a big Dead Head..I love their music and the culture surrounding it. Steal Your Face is the icon for the band. 
  • Phish- Bathtub Gin. I am a huge fan of the band Phish, I have toured all over the place to see them play live. Bathtub Gin is a super fun song.
  • Heart Fun- My daughter designed this shirt to remind people to be loving.
  • Heart Fun- Gentillesse. My daughter designed this shirt for her initiative called
  • J. WIllis Pratt. Willis is a musician that I am making a film about. You can get info here:
  • Podstarter. This is my friend's company and podcast about podcasting. This shirt reminds me of my own podcast,
  • Acamac. Our last neighbourhood was called Acamac, we had great parties there. Annually we would have a bash and someone would design an Acamac shirt. This one reminds me of good times with neighbours. 
  • CBC is our national public broadcaster in Canada. Awesome journalism, news and music. 
  • United by Blue. This is a B Corp company in Philadelphia that I met at a champions retreat. They support amazing things when you buy their shirts. 

What has changed in your lifestyle and perspective of clothing as it relates to the fashion world through this process?

This totally has reinforced the idea of keeping materials from the land fill. There are ways to keep fashion sustainable.

What are you most excited about, designing and creating fashion with Dhana? 

This whole experience has been exciting, and original!