Lovisa's Journey


In a few words, how would you describe yourself? Ex: interests, current role, passions, inspiration?

I love being out in nature - hiking, biking, sitting and planting things. I am a complete animal-nut and traveling is a big part of my life. As we travel we usually pick an animal we want to see, and that dictates where we go and how we travel.

Where do you live? What is it unique for?

I live in Mill Valley, and this area is unique in that we have access to the ocean, the dramatic northern Californian coastline, the towering redwood forests and the billowing grassy hills. Despite being so close to San Francisco we can walk for hours without seeing anyone except the animals we share this beautiful place with.

Social media or LinkedIn

I use Instagram - lovisarubin

Why did you invest your time, energy, resources in the Dhana Circular Memory Jacket? Please expand on what made you get involved in this product?

I love the idea of being able to see memories that would otherwise have been stashed away in my closet on a daily basis - the are all happy reminders of sweet times in my life!

How did you choose the 10 memory items that went into the jacket? Please share 10 stories of each item where possible.

I chose 10 pieces of cloth that had meaning and reminded me of good moments in the

past. Some I had saved because I didn’t have the heart to get rid of them, even though I knew I would never be able to use them again - others I was still using but I knew this was a better way to keep them around for a longer period of time.

- Sundance t-shirt: we have gone to the Sundance film festival for the past 13 years and it is a high light every time.

- A piece of a baby onesie that both my sons wore as babies

- Fabric from our town in the archipelago in Sweden

- A shirt from a trip to the Mexican border where we as a family did research on the wall and


- A Stinson Live Water shirt - Stinson is where my heart is

- A shirt from our retreat business Willow Camp in Stinson

- I added a few pieces from when we lived in Bali:

- A t-shirt from the Green School that says “if not me then who?’ in Bahasa

- Batik fabric

- Lotus flower from a yoga shirt

What has changed in your lifestyle and perspective of clothing as it relates to the fashion world through this process?

I absolutely love being able to reuse clothes, and see them repurposed in such a beautiful and useable way. It brings me back to my grandmothers and the way they looked at life and products as something lasting - not to be wasted and un-appreciated. It makes my feel wholesome and happy.

We would like to share a quote from you on the VALUE you place in Co-Designing this jacket with Dhana. Please share in your words, your experience and what this jacket means to you.

Wearing my Dhana jacket I am bringing my past with me into the future - a beautiful reminder of happy times every time I wear it!

What are you most excited about, designing and creating fashion with Dhana? 

I find it really exciting to see and be part of this new way of thinking about fashion, and our impact though the way we live and buy. Respect and awareness for the environment, people and the process adds a sense of meaning and consciousness that is really gratifying.